Useful for training any thinkable incident, regardless of its complexity or scope, RescueSim has 3 specialised simulation systems catering to the specific needs of different industries. Each system has its own library of 3D environments and objects, including an instructor toolbox to create specialized incident scenarios.

Specialised Simulation Systems

“The RescueSim Land, Aviation and Maritime Systems”

- RescueSim Land System -

The RescueSim Land System focuses on residential and industrial incidents.

  • Incidents for first responders including traffic accidents, railroad incidents, tunnel fires, high-rise or residential fires, forest fires, hazmat scenarios, subway & underground incidents, train station calamities, etc.

RescueSim Land System

  • Incidents focusing on industrial sites, including tank fires, liquid spillage, gas releases, rimseal fires, on-site collisions, etc.

RescueSim Industrial Incident

- RescueSim Aviation System -

The RescueSim Aviation System focuses on airport incidents.

  • Incidents taking place in and around airports, including airplane crashes, on-board incidents, hot brakes, evacuations, collisions, etc.

RescueSim Aviation System

- RescueSim Maritime System -

The RescueSim Maritime System focuses on maritime and offshore incidents.

  • Incidents taking place on board of vessels or in port environments. RescueSim users can use this system to experience and train for any incident on board a vessel first-hand, this system is built to fully support and comply to the STCW Advanced Fire Fighting courses (AFF).

VSTEP RescueSim Shipboard Incident Management

  • Offshore incidents including oil rig incidents & fires, search & rescue operations, evacuation exercises, etc.ncidents taking place in port & harbour environments, including on-board fires, vessel collisions, container incidents, liquid spills, gas spillages,  etc.

Offshore Incident