Developed in close cooperation with the maritime industry, VSTEP introduces a training module aimed at realistic and safe training of shipboard firefighting and incidents. The RescueSim STCW AFF simulator allows participants to experience and train any incident on board a vessel first-hand and is built to comply to the STCW Advanced Fire Fighting courses (AFF).

A safe environment to train real emergencies

The RescueSim Advanced Fire Fighting Simulator allows emergency crews to experience incidents on board of ships as they would in real-life.

In the simulator, the participants assess the situation and determine the best response strategy. They then implement it and immediately observe the consequences of their decisions in real-time in the simulator.

The simulator allows users to try out different response strategies for an incident in a safe, controlled environment. The RescueSim Advanced Fire Fighting Simulator includes functionality, environments, emergency equipment and objects that are essential and common to specific types of shipboard incidents. A simulator instructor is in full control during the training and can influence the scenario for the participant in the simulator during the exercise.

The simulator can be used as a standalone simulator or can be linked with VSTEP’s NAUTIS Ship bridge simulators for additional incident command training of ship bridge personnel.

For after action debriefing, a detailed log of all actions allows evaluation and assessment after the exercise.