A simulation platform that allows incident command training in an immersive 3D virtual environment. A realistic, safe and cost effective enhancement of live practical training for safety and security professionals.

Experience, assess, act, debrief

VSTEP RescueSim

Users experience the incident or crisis situation in the RescueSim simulator, assess it and then determine their response strategy. They implement their response strategy and observe the consequences of their decisions in real-time in the simulator. The effectiveness of their decisions is then considered and discussed during post incident debriefing.

Training with RescueSim offers important benefits:

  • Train whenever and wherever without time-consuming planning and preparation
  • Adaptable to each level of incident command
  • Specialized training courses offered in cooperation with experienced partners
  • Avoid high practical training costs
  • Realistic 3D training environments, company specific or generic
  • Complete flexibility for the instructor before and during scenarios
  • Logging of all actions and decisions for debriefing
  • New scenario and functionality updates several times a year