NAUTIS Maritime Simulators are unique in many ways. With focus on Quality, Innovation, maximising customer Value and Ease of use, we guarantee a simulator solution that is fully compliant to todays demanding standards and is fully tailored to meet your specific training requirements.

Why select NAUTIS?

There are many things that set apart NAUTIS maritime simulators from other simulators currently in the market:

  • A personal approach from start to finish
    Buying a simulator is an important mid- to longterm investment for your organisation. At VSTEP we believe in a personal approach, with dedicated account managers guiding the process from the planning phase all the way to the actual implementation and installation of your simulator. This guarantees effective, direct communication and high quality support at all times.
  • Less hardware allows lower costs
    NAUTIS Maritime Simulators are optimised to deliver high quality, certified simulator power, but without the need for lots of expensive pc’s. A NAUTIS FMB Simulator needs only a few PC’s to run on, saving hardware costs and making installation and support easier.
  • High quality support, always near you
    VSTEP customer support is supervised from our world headquarters in the Netherlands and coordinated with our strategic partners around the globe, always near you. We provide high-quality support and different service agreements according to your level of support needs.  VSTEP customer support makes sure you always receive the help you need, when you need it, quickly and efficiently.
  • An open interface for easy software customisation
    NAUTIS supports an open interface, which allows customers to add their own customised software-developed navigation panels and nautical instruments to a Full Mission Bridge Simulator.
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly instructor tools
    The NAUTIS Instructor Stations are the most comprehensive and user-friendly in maritime simulation, with a complete graphical interface in both 2D and 3D.  Instructors use an intuitive visual interface with drag and drop to change even the most complex of parameters, all from the comfort of the actual 3D or 2D view and without requiring any programming knowledge.