A new generation of maritime simulators for the civilian and military marine industry. VSTEP’s NAUTIS maritime simulators fulfil training requirements in compliance with the latest international maritime standards and regulations and include a complete range of simulators, from desktop trainer to full mission bridge.

Your certified training, our mission


Our NAUTIS Maritime Simulators comply to the following international standards, certifications and regulations:

  • The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (or STCW)
  • IMO Model Courses
  • IMCA Guidance on the use of simulators (IMCA C 014 Rev. 4 – March 2015)
  • DNV-GL Certification with class notation for Integrated Simulator System, Tug, HSC – compliant with the Class A standard for certification of Maritime Simulators No.2.14 January 2011 and compliant with the requirements of the STCW Convention, Regulation I/12.
  • Nautical Institute Accreditation for DP Training Centres running VSTEP NAUTIS Dynamic Positioning Simulators
  • DNV-GL Class A Certification for Dynamic Positioning Simulators
  • DNV-GL Certification for GMDSS Simulators
  • DNV-GL Certification for Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators

Maritime Simulator Categories

  • Dynamic Positioning and OSV Simulators – Desktop or Full Mission Bridge simulators to train Dynamic Positioning and the handling of OSVs with different types of propulsion systems during offshore operations.
  • ECDIS/Radar Trainers – Portable simulators for navigation, ECDIS/Radar and radio communications training.
  • Engine Room Simulators – Train ship engine room operations, from single to sub- and auxiliary systems.
  • Full Mission Bridge Simulators – A DNV Class A or Class B certified simulator, based on the latest IMO STCW requirements using either projection or high-end flat screen visualisation technology for a full 240° or 360° simulator experience.
  • GMDSS Simulators – DNV-GL Certified simulators to realistically train with GMDSS communications equipment.
  • Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators – DNV-GL Certified Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators for handling of bulk liquids based on real facilities and vessels.
  • Inland Simulators – Desktop or Full Mission simulators for a wide range of inland vessel manoeuvring, handling and navigation training.
  • Tug Simulators – Desktop or Full Mission Bridge simulators to train the handling of tugs with different propulsion systems during tug operations.
  • STCW Compliant Advanced Fire Fighting Simulator – Safely experience and train incidents taking place on board of ships.