A simulator solution to train for crowd-related incidents and mass events. Developed in cooperation with the Rotterdam Police for its police commanders and crowd control training managers and selected by the Dutch government as one of the best simulations in the field of safety and security enhancement.

Cost effective, User-friendly, Safe

VSTEP Crowd Control Trainer

The Crowd Control Trainer is a cost effective and safe enhancement to practical crowd control exercises, which are often difficult to organize.  It allows creation and interaction of demonstrations and large crowds and gives commanders a realistic tool to train their crowd management and response strategy in a realistic virtual 3D representation of the actual real-life environments.

Crowd control Training Applications

The Crowd Control Trainer allows realistic simulation and training of all aspects of Crowd Control, including:

Crowd Management – Creating order within a crowd
Crowd Control  РMaintaining order within a crowd
Riot Prevention – Preventing escalation and rioting of a crowd