French President Macron visits ‘VSTEP Simulator Center’

On Friday the 25th of August, French President Macron visited the Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy in Varna, Bulgaria, together with Bulgaria’s head of state Radev and Prime Minister Borisov. The president and prime minister were guided by the Principle and Admiral of the Fleet, Professor D.Sc. Boyan Kirilov Mednikarov.

During their visit to the Academy, which teaches more than 3,000 naval and merchant cadets annually, the delegation visited the Simulator Center supplied by VSTEP.  Our colleagues, Andrei Stanev and Julian Kolarov, led the delegation through the simulation centre, demonstrating the possibilities of training on the NAUTIS Full Mission Bridge Simulator. “It was an honor to meet President Macron!” – Andrei told us. “He was very interested in our solutions including the maritime and emergency response simulators we supplied at the Naval Academy. It also gave us the opportunity to inform him about how our simulators help to train student competences in a sustainable, cost-effective and practical way. Furthermore, he was very curious about how our software is compared to the real deal. Haha, a question people often ask. Thanks to our hydrodynamics and software professionals, the ships in our software behave like ships would in a real environment.”


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Left Image – The French President (centre) together with Principle and Admiral of the Fleet Professor D.Sc. Boyan Kirilov Mednikarov (left). Right Image – Prime Mister Borisov (left) joins them. Images by Viara Joveva.