VSTEP is a leading International developer of simulators and virtual training software. VSTEP creates simulators that allow people to build their skills in a practical and cost effective way. One of their core products is the Crowd Control Trainer. The Crowd Control Trainer is a simulator that allows realistic simulation and training of all aspects of Crowd Control, including crowd management.

The Crowd Control Trainer provides police commanders and crowd control training managers with an effective training tool for crowd-related incidents and demonstrations. It is a cost effective and safe enhancement to practical crowd management exercises, which are often difficult to organise.

The Crowd Control Trainer allows creation and interaction of demonstrations and large crowds and gives commanders a realistic tool to train their crowd management and response strategy. Training takes place in a realistic virtual 3D representation of the actual real life environments..

More information about the simulator for crowd management?

For more information about the simulator for crowd management, visit the Crowd Control Trainer product page or contact VSTEP.